'New avenues in marine career'

PUBLISH DATE 9th December 2018

Being an ocean explorer takes a lot of expertise and ability to take challenges head-on. It is a profession that is physically demanding and dangerous, but brings in adrenaline rush, adventure and excitement, says renowned ocean explorer, Fabien Cousteau, whose journey as an ocean explorer started at his fourth birthday when he wasn't gifted toys but made to take up his first scuba dive.

Cousteau was trained by his grandfather, famous ocean explorer Jacque Cousteau, and started going on exploration and expedition when he was just seven. He studied Environmental Economics at the Boston University and says today there is no dearth of new avenues and job opportunities related to the ocean.

"No school teaches you to be curious, to be bold and push beyond the limits, which is important when it comes to being an ocean explorer. However, one can go for various short and long-term professional courses. Also, today there are many avenues and possibilities beyond being an ocean explorer. We need engineers for exploration technologies, scientists to study the various life forms, biochemists, bio-mechanics, people who can find solutions for sustainable energy production through the wave energy and ocean thermal energy," says Fabien.

Fabien also advocates for ocean conservationism and says there cannot be a healthy future without a healthy ocean.

"Our lives depend on the ocean and the general public needs to be more informed about preventing ocean pollution." Through the Ocean Learning Centre, New York, he is actively involved in finding innovative solutions for ocean conservation.

Talking about his recent big challenge, which was the exploration dive into the Blue Hole located 46 miles off the coast of Belize, which has only ever been fully explored once - back in 1971 by his grandfather, he says, "It was a great opportunity and full of challenges. For exploring the blue hole it is important that the weather is decent the equipment is working properly, positioning the boat near the blue hole is a task as there are several protected reefs. But that is part of the excitement of being the ocean explorer."

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