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NIFT 2019: Quick tips

PUBLISH DATE 26th November 2018

NIFT 2019: Check these preparation tips to crack NIFT entrance examination. The examination is scheduled to be conducted on January 20, 2019.


NIFT 2019: The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) will conduct the entrance examination on January 20 for admission in undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the academic year 2019. NIFT conducts this exam with the aim to filter in the competent candidates for pursuing various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in the spheres of fashion and design, incorporating technology with them.


These courses are as the Bachelor of Fashion Design (B.F.Des), the Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech), the Master of Fashion Design (M.F.Des), the Master of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech), and, the Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M).

The following lines will touch and explain all the points that come within the periphery of preparing a robust study plan for the NIFT 2019 entrance exam for the undergraduate courses.

NIFT 2019: Important dates

October 22: Registration begins

December 28: Registration concludes at 11:59 pm

January 3, 2019: Last date with late fee

December 29 to January 3, 2019: Window to edit application form

January 10, 2019: Admit card release

January 20, 2019: Written entrance exam date

February/March, 2019: Result of the written test

February/March, 2019: Situation test/ GD/ interview

End of May/ June 2019: Result declaration

NIFT 2019: Exam Pattern

The NIFT 2019 will comprise of two kinds of tests for the prospective pursuers of its undergraduate courses- B.Des. and B.F. Tech. They are, the Creative Ability Test (CAT) and General Ability Test (GAT). Successful qualification of these tests will escort them to taking the NIFT Situation Test that the NIFT will conduct in April to May 2019.

Exam Pattern for the B.Des. aspirants

Exam Pattern for the Creative Ability Test (CAT) for the B.Des. aspirants The Creative Ability Test a.k.a. CAT examines the extent of power of observation in the development of concepts. It also looks for the levels of ability to produce designs in the candidates. Moreover, CAT will evaluate the innovative use of colour, besides searching for competent levels of illustration and creative skills. The test provides 3 hours of duration to the candidates to take it. Exam Pattern for the General Ability Test (GAT) for the B.Des. aspirants Language allowed to take GAT English

Test duration for taking GAT: 2 hours

Sections in GAT:

English Comprehension

Quantitative Ability

Numbers of questions



Communicative Ability

Analytical Ability

General knowledge and Current Affairs




Total 100

Exam Pattern for the situation test for B.Des. aspirants

Candidates successfully clearing the CAT and GAT sections of the NIFT 2019 will proceed further to take the Situation Test. The Situation Test evaluates a candidate’s skills for his/her skills for

Innovative Ability and Material Utilization Ability

On the whole, the test examines the candidate’s employability for certain resources that he/she may be given. Such candidates need to exhibit their skills of innovation and application regarding those resources or materials. It is equally pertinent to mention here that NIFT won’t provide/allow any more resources/material to the candidates in this regard. Candidates will have to manage with the stuff provided already by the NIFT.

Exam pattern for the B.F. Tech. aspirants

General Ability Test (GAT)

Language allowed to take GAT English

Test duration for taking GAT 3 hours

Sections in GAT

Quantitative Ability

Communication Ability and English Comprehension

Analytical and Logical Ability

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Case Study

Number of questions






Total 150

Syllabus for NIFT 2019

For preparing a strategy for taking the NIFT exam for the undergraduate courses, a comprehensive study of the syllabus is indispensably required. Following is the syllabus for NIFT 2019:

NIFT Syllabus 2019 for GAT

Quantitative Ability Effective Communication

Communicative Ability and English


Leadership Qualities

Problem-solving Approach Analytical and Logical Ability

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

Case Study

NIFT 2019: Syllabus for CAT

Creativity through Development of Thoughts

Design ability

Observation power discernment ability

NIFT 2019: Syllabus for Situation Test

Innovative and Creative use of given materials

Finesse of the Model and Overall colour scheme

Construction skill space visualisation composition of elements

Study Plan for NIFT 2019

Following tips regarding preparation will assist you greatly in getting confidently ready for taking NIFT 2019

Enhance skills of visualisation and observation

The most important aim of the test is to measure your imaginative and creative skills. Besides, the authorities frame questions in a way that judge your levels of observation skills, general awareness, and visualization. Therefore, candidates must work on developing these skills.

Revise through sample papers

Practicing via the sample papers and mock tests will provide you with the benefits like attempting questions in a real environment, boosted level of confidence, and overall, better preparation for the exam.

Be better aware

Working on raising the levels of General Awareness is equally important for the candidates aspiring success from taking the exam. Reading online and offline tabloids and newspapers/portals for news related to the fashion industry, reading through online and offline fashion-related magazines are the exercises that you must carry to expect a strengthened approach for tackling the front of General Awareness.

Incorporate innovation

Applying novelty in using ideas and imagination and producing an impactful result out of it, is an essential requirement to qualify this exam. You must have the skills to produce unique thoughts and ideas to design something new. The tests of CAT and GAT will test your unique way of thinking, that is to say.

A more focused preparation from December

The quantity and speed of exercising problems will need to provide a greater push from December onwards. Candidates must minimise as much as possible, the frequent breaks and disturbances that may distract them from a robust preparation of the exam. Those things can be taken care later, after the D-day, when the holding of the exam finishes.

Practice sketching more frequently


Drawing and sketching being a natural component of the lives of designers, it is needless to say that only greater exercise of yours with the tools of drawing will provide you the desired results. Do everything to transfer the mediocre level of your sketching to the heights of near-perfection, at least.

Bring improvement in speed

All attainment of various necessary skills is unproductive if you don’t gain and maintain a certain required level of speed in attempting questions. Hence, it’s important to work on this front.

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