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Higher Education

NIE meet addresses key career building concerns

PUBLISH DATE 14th September 2017

Over 100 school principals in the city gathered for The Times of India NIE Principals' seminar and discussed the `role of schools in influencing careers'. There was an apparent consensus about the need to help students find their passion and pursue it to have great careers.

The annual event organized by The Times of India as part of its `Newspaper in Education' initiative called for a discourse on how schools can become game-changers to groom individuals from the school-level to have exceptional careers as they grow up.

Issues such as parental pressure, lack of awareness about the diverse career options personality development, etc dominated the discourse. Sharing his success story , former international table tennis player Bhushan Thakur asserted that encouraging students to take up sports is imperative for their overall development. Communication expert and founder of Tiny Monkey Stage, Sudarshan Mahajan pointed out through his own experience how to motivate children for public speaking shapes their careers.

Entrepreneur and educationist for 11 years Shraddha Shah Raikar, founder of Creative Arts and Talent search centre said, “In an era of artificial intelligence, it is imperative we teach our students to think out of the box.“

Technical director, Pravin Masalewale, Anand Chordia and co-founder, Ira Water Solutions Swapnil Potdar spoke extensively on the growing opportunities in environmentfriendly and sustainable development. Adlabs Imagica asso ciate vice-president, marketing & strategic planning, Raveendra Singh stressed on the key sectors governing global careers and how vital passion is in having great careers. Hitesh Moghe, head of department, Mathematics, Vidyalankar Institute, stressed on making informed career choices.

Rita Katawati of Hutchings High School and Junior College voiced her worries about the parental pressures that limit their wards from achieving great heights in their professional lives.

Mona Dey , principal, Hill Green High School and Junior college, reiterated Katawati's point and said most children are burdened by what their parents feel they should become professionally as they grow up.

Gursimran Kaur of The Lexicon International School, Wagholi pointed out that it is unfair to say that children in Std VIII and IX are clueless about their careers.

Chief operating officer of Talent Assessment & Analytics Solutions (TAAS), Jitendra Sandu said there are over 30,000 documented career options and there is no way a child can be prepared for that many professions. However, he said, the school can equip them with the skills so as to have a strong base. Aarti Patil, founder headmistress for Sadhu Vaswani International School said they have interactions of students with experts in different fields like scuba diving, fitness, etc to help them build a strong career.