Medical Admissions 2020-21

Medical Admissions 2020-21

NEET Answer Key 2018

PUBLISH DATE 7th May 2018

The NEET question paper codes available as per the NEET 2018 question paper codes are AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, GG, HH, KK, LL, MM, NN, PP, QQ, RR, SS, WW, XX YY and ZZ.

All the test booklets of NEET 2018 were in English and Hindi languages. The question paper of NEET 2018 was available in a total of eleven languages, including Hindi, English and Urdu, along with other vernacular languages such as Assamese, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Telugu and Kannada. The language in which NEET question paper 2018 was given to a candidate depended upon the choice of language chosen by the candidate at the time of filling application form of NEET 2018. The question paper of NEET 2018 contained 180 questions and was conducted out of 720 marks. Four marks will be awarded for every correct response and one mark will be deducted for every incorrect response. Aspirants of NEET 2018 can download previous year official question papers of NEET as per different sets and their respective solutions/answer keys as well from the links given below.

Candidates who opt for English as the choice of language will be given NEET 2018 question paper in English language only.

For those who choose any language other than English, they will be provided with a bilingual test booklet of NEET 2018, one language being the one chosen by them and other being English.

NEET 2018 Answer Key & Solutions:

  • NEET Code AA (2018)      [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code BB(2018)      [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code CC (2018)      [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code DD (2018)     [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code EE (2018)       [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code FF (2018)       [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code GG (2018)     [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code HH (2018)     [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code KK (2018)      [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code LL (2018)       [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code MM (2018)   [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code PP (2018)      [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code QQ (2018)     [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code RR (2018)      [ Click Here  ]
  • NEET Code WW (2018)   [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code XX (2018)      [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code YY (2018)      [ Click Here ]
  • NEET Code ZZ (2018)      [ Click Here ]

NB: (Above link to the key of NEET 2018 is not  officially released answer key by CBSE)

Officially released answer key link will be made available as soon as the answer key of NEET 2018 is released by CBSE.



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