Medical Admissions 2020-21

Medical Admissions 2020-21

Maha medical aspirants insist on one book for NEET

PUBLISH DATE 26th May 2017

PAPER IN REGIONAL LANGUAGE EASIER - Maha medical aspirants insist on one book for NEET

The students and their parents in Maharashtra claimed that the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) for medical aspirants was conducted in an improper manner.

Guardians and coaching institutions said the question paper in the regional language was easier than the one in English. The issue bothering aspirants is the mismatch of the syllabus with the academic contents in state board books.

They also said if there is one exam for all aspirants, then there should also be one textbook. “About 32 questions in NEET 2017 were out of syllabus, if state board books are considered,“ an expert said.

Dilip Shah, the president of the Parents' Association, which spearheaded the fight against the implementation of NEET last year, said, “There were many parents who came to me and said that the question paper of NEET in Marathi was different from the one in English. This is wrong. I have analysed the entire question paper and found that 32 questions were out of syllabus when we consider the state board textbooks.“

Advocate Abhijeet Dave, whose daughter appeared for the NEET, claimed, he was informed by many that questions in the examination were based on NCERT books. As a result, state-board students were unable to answer them.

According to the academic coordinator of Vidyasagar Classes, Yogesh Shimpi, similar textbooks will put state-board students on an equal footing to others from the central board. “We teach both textbooks in our coaching class,“ he added. This is because the contents in the state-board books are not covered in details.

The chairman of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gangadhar Mhamane, claimed, “It is up to the parents to decide which syllabus they want their kids to learn. What is the point of having a separate state board if we are using the same textbooks as CBSE? The Curricula of both the CBSE and the state board are same, the difference is only in the books. “ Mhamane further added, “The syllabus for NEET was made by a body after reviewing all state board and central syllabuses. Hence, it is wrong to say that the NEET is based only on the CBSE syllabus. The NEET syllabus is prescribed on the official website of by Medical Council of India and hence there is no point in the argument about changing textbooks.“