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MU will not change exam dates, asks students to manage

PUBLISH DATE 17th October 2017

MUMBAI: Second-year commerce students (SYBCom) appearing for Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams in November this year will have to manage both exams on the same day, officials from the University of Mumbai said.

Changing exam dates is not an option, so students will either have to appear for both exams on the same day, or skip one.

“There are several exams that students appear for along with the university papers, and it’s not possible for us to avoid an overlap of all those papers,” said an official from the MU’s examination department. “We have scheduled university papers in the first half and the CA papers in the afternoon so that CA aspirants can appear for both.”

Last week, HT had reported on the complaints of SYBCom and Bachelors in Accounting Finance (BAF) students, many of whom pursue CA along with their undergraduate courses.

“The CA exams are from November 2 to 15, and around the same time, the University has scheduled our SYBCom exams. Dates clash for three papers, on November 9, 13 and 15, so we have to choose which exam to appear for,” said Sharad Shah, a student.

Appearing for both exams on the same day will be a problem, Shah pointed out, as the SYBCom exams go on till 1pm, while the CA exams begin at 2pm.

“Knowing the traffic scene in Mumbai, how does the University expect us to make it to our CA exam centre in time?” he asked.

Students have approached their respective colleges in the hope for a solution.

“Had the MU completed the winter session exams before November, this would not have been a problem. The delay in announcing results has damaged the basic structure of the academic year, and we can do nothing about it,” said Sobhana Vasudevan, principal, RA Podar College, Matunga.