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Higher Education

MU students hit hard as results over 45 days late

PUBLISH DATE 1st July 2017

Science May Be Declared Before Others

While not more than 20-25% of the total19 lakh answer sheets are assessed till now by Mumbai University teachers, evaluation of science papers is progressing faster compared to others. Results of courses under the science faculty, therefore, are likely to be out before other courses.

Teachers claim there are fewer students appearing for science and allied courses. Going by the usual trend too, a majority of science results are usually out within 45 days.With implementation of online assessment of final exam papers, however, the university has already missed the 45day deadline for most exams conducted in March-April this year.

This year's delay will start hitting students by mid-July , say principals, as the deadline for admissions to post-graduate courses will approach by then. Many have been seeking responses from their principals or even reaching out to the university on social media platforms. One student sought the results early stating the deadline to apply in fore ign universities will end by mid-July . Another wrote she has qualified in the entrance exam of other universities, but is unable to secure admission due to the delay in results.Many , who wish to pursue their post-graduation from other universities, are worried about losing out on the whole year as marksheets ­ a pre-requisite ­ will be further delayed once results are out.

A university official said over 30% answer sheets of exams under the science faculty are already assessed, while others are at 20-25%. “In commerce, the sheer numbers are making it difficult for teachers to assess the papers.There are several technical glitches and power cuts are adding to woes,“ said a teacher. Another teacher said in so me papers for moderation, answers have not been given any marks. “It is as good as assessing the paper again,“ she said. MU registrar M A Khan said assessment speed has picked up and many results, not the major ones, are likely to be out in a fortnight.

“BCom alone has over 80,000 candidates appearing for the exam,“ said a principal.

Response to an RTI filed by activist Anil Galgali shows close to 100% of the results under commerce are usually out after the 45-day deadline. Results in most courses under the engineering faculty , assessed online for more than three years now, is usually out within 45 days.