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Higher Education

MU admits 28k answersheets are missing

PUBLISH DATE 12th September 2017

Mumbai University has admitted that almost 28,500 answersheets of students are `missing' or have been misplaced during online assessment, which has resulted in four months of chaos. Results of affected students have been kept on reserve.Also, results of 57,000 students are pending. The university claimed only 12,000 students have complained and 22,300 students applied for re-valuation.

Arjun Ghatule, acting director (exams & evaluations) said the papers of students, whose results are kept on reserve, are ``logistically or physically misplaced''. “They are not completely gone from the system but have been misplaced, and we are looking for them and are getting them assessed as when they are found,“ Ghatule said on Monday , at the first official media interaction in four months.

City college principals said data released by the university is grossly under-reported. “Students who have remained toppers and have scored high marks in all subjects, and failed in one subject in this exam, are not recorded in the university's system as an official grievance. The students may have to get their papers re-assessed and may even be forced to re-appear for the exam in Oct-Nov . Despite being toppers, such students will end up losing admission opportunities,“ said a principal.

Another principal said, “While the university claimed results of students marked absent due to software errors are kept on reserve, there are students marked absent in one subject and failed in another. These students are considered `failed' in university's records. Such students will have to re-appear for two papers during the ATKT exam.“

Ghatule said more papers had come up for moderation this year. In management, technology and arts more than 40% papers were moderated this year.

The university declared ten tative dates for semester V exams for TYBA, BSc and BCom on Monday but is yet to decide if it will continue with online assessment. “We have not taken any decision yet. The focus was on early announcement of results,“ said acting VC Devanand Shinde.

The university may extend the date for applications for postgraduate admissions to September 15, said Dalvie, to allow all students to apply .

Meanwhile, vice-chancellor Sanjay Deshmukh, who was sent on forced leave, seems to be pulling strings to get reinstated, sources said.

While Deshmukh had written to the governor seeking reinstatement in a detailed letter, government sources claimed he also went to Delhi to meet officials from the MHRD.