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Higher Education

MU COUNCIL DECISION - Now, 100-mark project for TYBSc students

PUBLISH DATE 13th May 2017

Students of third-year science faculty will now have a 100-mark project.This has been introduced by the Mumbai University's academic council in place of one practical, thus reducing them to three. Also, those in the second year can now pick a subject of their choice apart from the two core papers that they will appear for.

“TYBSc students in the fifth semester “TYBSc students in the fifth semester will have to start working on their project research work and by the end of the sixth semester present their project,“ said an academic council member.

The university's academic council, which met on Thursday , changed the syllabus--minor as well as dramatic changes--in 55 courses in science and an equal or more courses in commerce and arts.

The open unit for zoology , which will allow students of the sixth semester to pick topics of their own choice, was also cleared. Students would be allowed to participate in drafting the curricula of what they would want to study . Essentially, the point is that students do not need to wait for five years for the university to re vise the syllabus but can enjoy academic autonomy by instantly updating latest developments under the open unit system every year, said Anita Jadhav, chairperson of the zoology board of studies.

Mumbai University will also conduct training workshops for teachers in the coming fortnight to apprise them of the changes that have been brought about in the syllabi.

The university also extended the autonomy for VJTI College. Other colleges, including SIES and Mithibai, that had sought autonomy will have to wait a bit longer as the process is still under way.