Higher Education

Higher Education

MIT's new varsity to offer 6 degree courses from next academic year

PUBLISH DATE 14th May 2017

The city-based Maharashtra Institute of Technology will introduce six degree courses following an approval from the state to set up a self-financed private university. The courses will be offered from the next academic year at Dr Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University .

The new courses were announced by MIT chairman Vishwanath Karad at a press conference on Saturday .Filmmaker Jabbar Patel and computer scientist Vijay Bhatkar were present on the occasion.

According to MIT offici als, all courses -except doctorate degree in engineering, management and social sciences, and master's degree in economics -will have an intake of 60 students. The new university will offer MBA courses in corporate social responsibility and in sports management, a B Tech in three branches of engineering, a bachelor's degree in business management, both bachelors and masters degrees in economics, and a one-year master's degree in government studies.

“Many have asked me as to what is the Indian model of management for educational institutions. This university is a step in that direction. It is about providing the kind of education to students so that they become model professionals and are sensitive to world affairs. It is about imbibing qualities to bring people of all backgrounds together to solve global issues.This is why we have incorporated world peace in our university's name,“ said Karad.