Teacher Eligibility Test

Teacher Eligibility Test

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PUBLISH DATE 14th June 2017

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Please go through registration and read registration.


Instructions for filling up the Online Application Form for Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test 2017

Following are the steps for enrolling Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test and filling the application as mentioned below.

1. Registration.

2. Verification of the information in the application.

3. Online Fees

4. Print the application form.

1. Further information is required to register registration.

Click on 'Register New' in the 'Activities' in the top left hand corner of the homepage at www.mahatet.in. After reading the following instructions carefully, go to the new entry and click on this link to complete the application. Then click on the 'Click for registration' yellow tab on the page you open it. Further information is required to register.

1. Name of the Applicant, First Name and Father's / Husband (if not the last name, fill in the coincidence (-) in the adorna box.
2. Birth date as per SSC certificate, SSC Enter the certificate number, the year of passing, and the meeting number accurately.
3. If you are a resident of Maharashtra State, click 'Yes' or 'No'. If yes click on option, specify the number of the certificate and the date of delivery of the certificate in the two open windows.
3.1 If the Aadhar Card is 'Yes' or not, then select 'No' option. If yes, choose the correct Aadhaar number in the opened box.
4. In the contact information, type the ten digit mobile number in the first box, and enter your email ID in the second box.
5. The applicant is the man, the woman is the transgender, she selects accurately.
6. The applicant's permanent address should include serial numbers, house number, street number, name of society (if any). Type the city / town name, post (if any) place. The district and taluka name should be selected from the dropdown list correctly. If the applicant is not out of Maharashtra then choose 'Out of Maharashtra' option from the dropdown list of the district. Then specify the taluka in the opened box.
7. Select Caste category from the dropdown list accurately.
8. If 'Yes' is there for Divya or not, then select 'No' option. Yes, if you click on the option, report accuracy of the number of Divya percentage, certificate no., Not the essence of the essay (if there is 40 percent or more of the light, the exemption and fee for the exam fee will be given).
9. Choose the exact category from the dropdown list for the class for which the level of eligibility exam is to be given. If the applicant is eligible for Class 1 to 5th (Paper 1) and Class 6th to 8th (Paper 2) and if you want to sit for both examinations, select 'For Both / Both' option. (There is no need to apply for a separate application for both papers.)
10. In this issue, the correct quality of SSC, HSC data, Total Marks, Board / Board, percentage / Category, pass year should be correctly recorded for Paper I (Junior Elementary Level) in this subject. Must be accurately recorded in SSC, HSC, Post Graduate and Post Graduate (if any) for Papers 2 (Senior Primary Level), Total Marks, Circle / Board, Percentage / Category or Passed Year .
11. In the Professional Qualification for Paper I (Junior Elementary Level), information regarding the Diploma in Pedagogy (D.Ed. or its equivalent), Name of the Diploma, the duration of the course (year), the result, the percentage / category, the passing year accurately report. Information about Degree / Degree, Course duration (year), Results, Percentage / Category, Passing Year in respect to Degree (D.Ed. or equivalent) or Diploma in Pedagogy (B.Ed or equivalent) for Paper 2 (Senior Primary Level) Report accurately. If the applicant has both qualification for the degree of education or diploma in education, then accurately report the information of both.
12. Choose the first and second language accurately. If the first language is selected for this test, then the second language English will be compulsory. If the first language is selected in English, second language Marathi will be mandatory. If the first language is selected in Urdu, the second language can be selected either Marathi or English.
13. The test medium will be the first language of the test which is selected.
14. The District Collector, who is going to take the examination at the center, select the accuracy of the district dropdown list.
15. As an identity proof, you can select from any one of the options available from the dropdown list in the first box. Enter the number in the second box.
16. See the CAPTCHA on the screen and type it in the box below.
17. Procedure for uploading photo and signature-
A) 3.5 cm 4.5 cm 100 KB color photo scan. Scan image cropping up to photo border. Make sure the image is located between 5 KB to 100 KB.

B) .5 cm 4.5 cm The square of the square should be clearly marked on the black paper. Scanned and cropped pages in 50 KB. Make sure the image of the signatures fit from 2 KB to 50 KB.

• If you accept the affidavit, click on it in the box and save the registration form.
• If the information in the registration form is not fully filled, fill in the required information as per the pop-up on the screen.
• After saving, the registration number and password will be received on the mobile number mentioned in the online registration application.
• Go to the next step of filling up the application by logging in with the login ID and password received.
Important - The most recent application will be accepted if the candidate fills more than one application form. The remaining applications of such candidates will be canceled. Therefore, the candidate should take vigilance to fill the information exactly when filling the application form.

2. Application Information Verification

1. Summary will appear on the screen of the registered application after logging in with the received SMS ID and password.

2. Click on the preview button to see the information in filled application. Make sure the information on the screen is accurate.

3. If you want to change the information, go back and click the 'Edit Application Form' button and make any necessary changes and click the Update button.

4. Procee to pay online examination fees

To pay an exam fee online for a click on the pay-to-pay bill, credit card, debit card and ATM PIN, internet banking, vallet / cash card and IMPS. Such options will be available.

1. Fill an online fee with convenient options.

2. Option to pay challan / offline fees is not available.

3. If there is no internet connection at the time of payment of the online fee, if you do not deposit the fees due to electricity, then you can login again by paying the fee online.

4. On receipt of the deposit, a message will be received on the screen with the payment Successful and the 'Transaction Details' will appear on screen.

4. Print the application form.

1. After the payment is made, the applicant should keep the print of the application within prescribed time.

2. There is no need to submit the application form for the printed office to the Education Officer / Education Officer.