Medical Admissions 2020-21

Medical Admissions 2020-21

Last Day Preparation Tips for NEET 2018

PUBLISH DATE 4th May 2018

NEET 2018 Exam, The big ticket to the Nation’s renowned Medical Institutes will be conducted on May 6, 2018 from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM. The duration of the test will be 3 hours. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (UG) 2018 will be conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses in India in order to get into some of the best Medical/Dental colleges. Giving your best shot at NEET 2018 preparation is important to get through the cutoff and see your name in the merit list. The NEET 2018 Exam is hardly a month away. It is time when the aspirants look for last minute NEET 2018 Preparation tips. So, here are a few tips for NEET 2018 study plan

Read, Reflect, Revise and Repeat

NEET consists of conceptual and application-based questions for which you need more revision than usual. The assured and actual way of proceeding through them is to read them carefully, understand it, reflect over, figure it out and then apply your learned concepts to solve it out. The more you read out and learn, the more solutions you will figure to understand your problems. The more you will think and imagine on considering different factors, you will sharpen up your problem-solving ability.

Make your strengths stronger

Do not take up anything new at this last minute, instead revise and try to make your concepts stronger. This is essential as this will help you to visualize many scenarios and consider a variety of features before finally concluding the solution. A lot of NCERT chapter examples and back exercises have questions that involve the application of more than one concept. In today’s digital world, you can also watch live videos which teach you to break down a question and apply the concept, giving out a perfect solution

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Check Answer solutions and Exam Analysis

After each practice test you take, check out its solutions and analysis. Pay attention to the identification and execution of the concept. It will show you how to proceed with a question about which you are not enough confident.

After each mock test and practice test, check out its solution and analysis. Pay attention to the identification and execution of the concept. It will show you how to proceed with a question, an area where you lack in understanding. Additionally, it will give you an insight into types of questions and NEET 2018 exam pattern.

Quick Tips to Crack NEET 2018

NEET is one of the toughest and the most important entrance exams for medical aspirants. Candidates who want to pursue medical from some of the top colleges accept NEET Score. So one certainly needs to take the Entrance Exam for NEET 2018. Last year around 1,186, 454 candidates appeared in the toughest Medical Entrance Test out of which only 221, 427 candidates got qualified.

This year more than 12 lakh students are expected to appear in the NEET 2018 exam. Less than 3 days are left to prepare for this highly competitive entrance exam, but till the last there is always a hope to crack it. So you can always think of a well-defined plan that is helpful enough to utilize each and every second. Though everyone says that one should avoid social activities when preparing for Medical entrance exam, but this is not the perfect solution to achieve excellent results.

Follow these tips to get excellent results:

Time Management

Your main aim should be to manage your time efficiently and strategically with realistic goals. Your study plan should ensure that on regular intervals equal attention should be given to leisure activities. Another important thing is to give special attention to time, so that you don’t spend more than the required time on any question. Going through each subject with equal time allotted during the preparation is most important.


For these last few days, the focus should be on to revise the entire syllabus already completed. The greatest benefit of revising the entire syllabus is that when we ensure everything that has been studied earlier is on our tips. It provides immense confidence to face the questions.

Mock Tests

Taking a number of mock tests is the key to get familiar with the time allotment to each question and organising your time efficiently. The mock tests help to get a very good grasp of the pattern of the paper and boosting the confidence immensely.

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Selecting the Right Questions & Answers

You should always know which question is for you and which is not because each wrong answer results into the negative marking thus one should also focus on doing a bit of meditation and yoga. Including almonds and healthy fats which are very beneficial for the brain and helping to make decisions between choices for the answers.

By following the above mentioned tips, you surely can perform much better and get admission in some of the top medical colleges. We wish you all the very best.


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