Law Admissions 2020-21

Law Admissions 2020-21

LLM aspirants say admission defies merit; MU considers only 1st preference

PUBLISH DATE 13th October 2017

Postgraduate law aspirants were stumped by the first allotment list for admissions released by Mumbai University's department of law.While allotting seats, the department followed only the first preferences filled by students, defying merit completely, said candidates.

LLM classes are divided in six groups based on specializations, including criminal, constitutional, business and environment laws. Students were asked to fill their choices based on their order of preferences for the 600 seats. Bhavesh Jain, who scored 64 in the LLM entrance test and chose business law as his first preference and intellectual property rights as second, has not got even the second seat when students with a score of 60 managed to make it to the admission list released on Wednesday .

Another aspirant said the process defies logic and merit. “For every centralized admission process across courses, merit and choices of students are considered for seat allotment. If a student has a good score, say 65, and is opting for two groups, say business and constitutional law, and if business law admission closes at 68 and constitutional law closes at 60, it is obvious that he should make it to the latter.“

Rashmi Oza, the department head, said MU followed only the first preferences of students while allotting seats. “If we would have considered the second and third choices, the process could go on for a month. Admissions have started late this year owing to results' delay; we could not have deferred it further,“ said Oza. “Till last year, students were asked to fill only one choice. If the current process does not work, we will revert to the earlier one.“

If students do not opt for the seats allotted to them, there will be a second round. A candidate said MU shouldn't have asked for multiple preferences if it was to follow only the first choice.