IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

IIT-JEE Admissions 2020-21

JEE Advanced 2019: B.Tech emerging courses in engineering

PUBLISH DATE 20th June 2019

The increase in demand for IT professionals will lead to a demand for certain specialised courses. From cybersecurity, cloud computing to data analytics and social media marketing

In a recent study conducted by World Economic Forum (WEF) titled The Future of Jobs Report, it was observed that 54 per cent of the Indian workforce required to re-skill themselves to stay relevant in the job market. The report also found that job roles such as data analysts and data scientists, software and applications developers, and e-commerce and social media specialists are going to be the most lucrative positions for employment in the job market of tomorrow.

The IT sector is constantly evolving which has led to multiple interesting and new job roles being created. Tech jobs are in high demand currently with experts stating the availability of 2.50 lakh new jobs in 2019 for techies in the country. A software engineer in India earns around 6 lakh per annum on an average.

With advanced new-age IT skills in their repertoire, they can upgrade their packages to almost double the amount. The increase in demand for IT professionals will lead to a demand for certain specialised courses as follows:

Cyber Security: With the hackers getting smarter with every firewall created by corporates, the need for professionals who understand the nuances of cybersecurity has become a necessity in their security and privacy policies.

Cloud Computing: Talking about the immense data available these days, storage of this data is extremely difficult on physical devices. This is where cloud software becomes an important consideration. Cloud computing is, therefore, a very relevant skill to be able to harness in the industry today.

Data Analytics: After storing the data, the most important aspect of managing the data is to be able to convert the data into good insight and information. Converting complicated data into simpler understandable terms is a very complex process and needs specialised skills and training.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Perhaps the most popular and in-demand IT course in any industry today is AI and ML. With operations moving online, companies now require advanced AI and ML in their systems to provide a more efficient and smoother service to customers, especially in the e-commerce sector and are, therefore, very vital skills in demand in the job market today.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) was introduced in the gaming industry to provide for an elevated gaming experience but since then, this refreshing technology has also found its applications in unconventional industries like tourism, F&B along with making a place in successful marketing and promotional strategies. Specialised AR & VR professionals are highly in demand in various organisations to boost the adoption of this technology.

The progression of technological adoption is creating jobs not only in the IT sector but also in non-tech job roles such as marketing, management, HR, etc. With more and more aspects of the business turning towards digitisation, IT skills are extremely necessary and vital in other departments as well. The few skills are the most popular and sought after are as follows:

Data Analytics and Data Science: They have great relevance in the non-tech spaces as well especially where research in involved such as strategy or marketing.

Management Information Systems & Analytics: MIS & Analytics form a central aspect of the functioning of most organisations with processes related to HR, Accounts and Customer Management all being entered into a system. Handling such MIS software and analyzing the data from them is a handy skill to have in the repertoire of non-tech professionals.

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is the equivalent of AI in the non-tech industry. Increased internet penetration and smartphone adoption has led to a majority of the population being online for more than 50 per cent of their time. Thus, the best way for most brands to reach out to their target audience and create awareness and drive sales is through Digital Marketing. From courses like Social Media Marketing to Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing is an extremely popular and usefool tool in your toolbox to stay relevant in the industry.


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