Medical Admissions 2020-21

Medical Admissions 2020-21

For pvt med college aspirants, it is a seat chase across Maha

PUBLISH DATE 29th August 2017


Medical aspirants seeking admissions to private colleges have an almost impossible feat to achieve. As the state ended the mop-up round and opened institute-level admissions till Tuesday afternoon, candidates have just a few hours before they can cancel their admission, collect documents and reach the institute where they want to freeze admissions.

Last year, due to paucity of time, students were permitted to e-mail applications. But this year, colleges have demanded that aspirants remain present.For those who will have to travel across cities, the feat may be nearly impossible, said Rajesh Jain of the Parents Association of Medical Students. Monday was a nightmare for many who alleged that colleges turned them down, did not open gates, refused to hand them admission forms and hence, did not acknowledge applications.

“Students have been reporting problems in getting appli cation forms. The process is not designed to allow students to apply to various colleges,“ said a parent Sudha Shenoy .

With just a few hours in hand, it would be impossible to travel across cities. Some colleges are not accepting forms from parents and demanding that the candidate be present; some others, students claimed, were just not opening the gates.

“These colleges want as many seats as possible for the last day when they can admit whoever is present. These will be students who are ready to pay for the seats,“ alleged a parent. Many echoed his tho ughts. Students felt the next few days would be a challenge.“Many of us are getting messages from agents seeking donation for seats,“ said a student.

“We received complaints about colleges not accepting forms, but I spoke to the deans and helped the aggrieved,“ said chairman of the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) Dr Pravin Shingare. “If there are any students facing problems, they can contact DMER and we will sort out the issue. An Amravati college was accepting forms only from students and not parents; that has been sorted out,“ he added.