Board Exams

Board Exams

Five secrets of excelling in board exams

PUBLISH DATE 16th October 2018

The Class 10 and 12 board exams are just five months away. It is important that you put in your best for the examination to get great results. Planning and preparing well for the examination are the key to success.

Toppers ensure that they make a study plan with appropriate focus on each subject and then stick to the plan. It is essential that you have a focused approach for your preparations. Let us look at five common approaches that will help you prepare well:

1.Study regularly

Do not assume that the final examination consisting of all chapters can be prepared by studying during the last three months before the examinations. Regular schedule will balance study load and will help you be better prepared. In fact, it is best to avoid any studies just the day before the actual examination.

2.Review sample papers

The CBSE releases sample papers for each subject (available on the website It is advisable that you solve and practise all of them. For further practise, you may want to get sample paper books from the market, including those from Studymate. It is not enough to attempt a large number of sample papers; it is equally important to do a self-check on the answers that you have written against the model solution or the textbook.

3.Revise the NCERT book

Ensure that you revise all chapters from NCERT books. Also practise all questions from the book, especially the solved examples. At least 40%-50% questions in the board examination are directly from NCERT. For subjects where you have the need to practise more questions, the NCERT Exemplar book is available. You may attempt it after you have completed the NCERT textbook.

4.Focus on managing time

Stick to a schedule of studies and write at least one sample paper each day. Breaks must be planned and limited. There is always a lot to do and little time available. In order to ensure that you use your time effectively, a plan is a must. Toppers ensure that they use their time effectively during the last six months of their preparation for the board exams.

5.Practise writing

Since you will have to do a fair amount of writing during the examination, it is critical that you practise writing sample papers and not review the same verbally. Your marks will reflect what you have ‘written’ in your answer-sheet and not what you ‘know’. Hence, it is important to reproduce completely what you know in your answer-sheet.

“Students write these exams twice in their lifetime. But the results of these exams stay with them for their lifetime. We are conducting Studymate Practice Boards for Class 10 and 12 as part of our Road to Boards initiative in leading schools of NCR. This will help students know their level of readiness, identify their strengths and areas of improvement before actual Boards,” said Ajit Chaturvedi, CEO of HT Learning Centres Ltd.

Inputs: Hindustan Times, New Delhi

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