11th Admissions 2020-21

11th Admissions 2020-21

Final admission round for FYJC concludes today

PUBLISH DATE 28th August 2017

It is almost a wrap for junior college admissions as the first-come-first-serve (FCFS) basis round nears completion. Out of 74,867 vacant seats, 1,489 were bagged by students with a score of more than 60% in the first two phases of this special round. In the third and final phase, all students who passed the exam can claim seats until 5pm on Monday .

Students in the third category , with a score of above 35%, who are allotted a seat, can confirm admissions between10am-5pm on August 2829. The education department has told the authorities to ensure admissions are uninterrupted even if the junior college is on a break for Ganeshotsav . “The principal must ensure staff responsible for FYJC admissions are on duty on both days. This office must not receive complaints regarding this,“ said B B Chavan, deputy director of school education, Mumbai.

After the department announced the FCFS round of admission, many students cancelled their seats and tried their luck afresh. But once the requests increased, the department instructed colleges not to allow students to cancel admissions.

On Saturday , as the website opened up for the final phase, the department received complaints from students who were unable to login and claim seats. An official said the issue was resolved within an hour and 15 minutes later, and students could access the site from 11.15am.

In the final phase, there are 73,378 seats up for grabs.Among these, 59,041are in the general category , while the rest are spread across management, in-house and minority quotas.