11th Admissions 2020-21

11th Admissions 2020-21

FYJC Admission process 2019-20

PUBLISH DATE 11th June 2019

FYJC Application admission process


Applicants should keep the below mentioned information in mind while applying

Higher Secondary level education is imparted through Four Streams

1) Arts, 2) Science, 3) Commerce, 4) HSVC (HSC-Vocational)

Junior Colleges are of three types

1) Co-Education, 2) Boys, 3) Girls

Mediums of instruction

1) Marathi, 2) English, 3) Urdu , 4) Hindi,
5) Gujarati, 6) Kannada, 7) Sindhi
(All seven mediums may not be available in all areas)

Junior Colleges are classified in three Aid-types

1) Aided, 2) Unaided, 3) Self-financed/Permanent unaided

Procedure of The Online Admission Process :

The centralised Admission Process for Std. XI will commence immediately after the declaration of online result of SSC (State Board), probably in the first week of June, however part-1 of the online admission form can be filled-in before the result.

After the online declaration of SSC exam. result, Part-2 of the online application form will be opened for filling. After that, various rounds for online admission will be held :

1)  Zero Round : This round will be arranged before the regular rounds. In this round the admission to the Bifocal courses and HSVC stream will be given through Centralised Admission Process.

From this round all Junior Colleges will start the admissions of management quota, intra-institutional inhouse quota and minority quota too.

After the zero round vacant seats of bifocal subjects will be filled in as per the merit of the student at the Junior College level from the students admitted through regular round and it will be uploaded on the concerned website.

2)  Three Regular Rounds : After zero round, three regular rounds will be arranged for admission to all streams. Allotment will be done as per merit, reservation and preferences given by the students. Student who have not got admission in zero round, can participate in regular rounds.

3)  Special Round : After three regular rounds special round will be arranged. Students who have not got admission in previous rounds, and those who are restricted in earlier rounds can participate in this round.

4)  FCFS Rounds : After special round, as per the principle of first come first serve rounds will be arranged. Those students who have cancelled their admission in earlier rounds (zero round to special round), those who are restricted in earlier rounds and who have not got admission yet can participate in FCFS rounds.

Admission Under Reserved Quota :

For admission in Junior College, Inhouse Quota, Management Quota and Minority quota in minority Jr. Colleges will be reserved.

It is also necessary to fill online form for the admission under any above quota.

Inhouse Quota : (Intra Institutional Quota)

  1. 1)  Students passed std. X from secondary school (within same division) of the same management who run the Junior College in online admission area are eligible for Inhouse quota admission.

  2. 2)  Under this quota, all Junior Colleges will have 10% seats reserved. If the educational institute has no secondary school of std. X class, they will not have such inhouse quota.

  3. 3)  Under this quota list of eligible students (who have applied on online admission website) at the school level will be declared and admissions will be given purely on merit basis.

  4. 4)  Minority as well as Non-Minority Junior Colleges can fill inhouse quota seats during zero round or only after the special round and it can be surrendered before regular round-1 or after regular round-3.

Management Quota :

  1. 1)  Under this quota 5% seats will be reserved in all Junior Colleges. These admissions through this quota can be done by the managerial institute itself.

  2. 2)  Minority as well as Non-Minority Junior Colleges can fill management quota seats or can surrender it at any stage from zero round to the end of this admission process.

Minority Quota :

  1. 1)  Under this quota 50% seats will be reserved in minority Junior Colleges only. For the students of minority community (religious / linguistic) only.

  2. 2)  For this quota admission, the minority students (Christian, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi etc. religious or linguistic minority/non-marathi speakers) are eligible.

  3. 3)  For this quota admissions, list of eligible students (who have applied on online admission website) at the school level will be declared and admissions will be given purely on merit basis.

  4. 4)  Minority quota seats can be filled by the end of three regular rounds and the vacant seats of minority quota if so, can be surrendered after three regular rounds only.

11th Admissions (FYJC) Cut-off App https://goo.gl/rT2vXd

To Fill Online Admission Form:

Online admission form has to be filled in two steps. Part-1 (Personal information) Part- 2 (Preference order)

Part-1 of the application form will be available to fill before the declaration of Std.10th (State Board) result. The information of this part has to be filled and get approved once only.

Process to fill up Part-2, will begin immediately on declaration of SSC result (Sate Board). Before every round, Part-2 of application form can be updated.

How to fill Online Form :

  • Purchase Information Booklet from School/Guidance Centre.
    Before filling admission form read information booklet carefully and try to understand the complete admission process for this you may seek help of your school/guidance centre.

  • Login to the given (area-wise website first).

  • Login ID is provided in the Information Booklet. Use the same for first time Login.

  • Change the pass word and remember new pass word for next Login.
    Select the security questions and give correct answers and remember the same.
    Take print of security questions and pass-ward, preserve it carefully (Never disclose your password to anyone).

 Part-1 :

To fill online application form follow the instructions, step by step displayed on the screen.

  • The information of regular students appearing Maharashtra State Board Exam March 2019, will appear automatically on screen, after entering his/her SSC seat No. check the same information carefully.

  • After entering upon the SSC seat number, if the information is not displayed those students (State board or other boards) should fill the information manually by self.

  • Fill the online admission form from school/guidance centre. After filling Part-1 of application verify the information filled in (i.e. Name, Mother's name, date of birth, category, Reservation Mob. No. etc.) and get it approved from school/guidance centre.

  • Furnish all documents required for approval.

  • Take a print of the approved form and keep it for further use.

  • Those students who won't get their form approved, such incomplete form will remain "pending" and such forms will not be considered for online admission process. And also they can't fill Part-2 (preference). Therefore after filling online form check "MY STATUS", it must be approved. Part-2 can be filled only if my status is showing approved.

  • Those who are willing to make changes in Part-1 after submission, they have to get it corrected from school/guidance centre only, for this they should furnish the relevant documents at school/centre and resubmit the corrected online admission form and keep print with himself/herself of the same.


On the declaration of SSC (State Board) result, the process to fill up the Part-2 will begin.

On completion and approval of Part-1 as above, students can fill up Part-2 (Preferences).

  • As Part-1 is complete, the website directs you to Part-2 which displays state boards SSC students total marks and percentage of best of five subjects. Other students have to enter their SSC marks manually.

  • After entering upon the total marks, please choose a stream as well as medium of instruction for the admission then a list of concerned Jr. Colleges (Aided/Unaided, Self-finance) will be displayed on the screen, then decide the order of your preference accordingly.

  • For online admission select minimum one and maximum ten Jr. Colleges for admission (preferences). Then take print of admission form and preserve it.

  • Online Admission process information and time-table will be declared on the website from time to time. Therefore visit the website frequently.

  • After any admission, round check your student login and confirm which Jr. College you have got for admission as per your preference order. If you agree with it proceed for admission within the stipulated time and take admission in the respective Jr. College.

11th Admissions (FYJC) Cut-off App https://goo.gl/rT2vXd

After Declaration of Admission List

After the declaration of admission round list, the information about The Junior College allotted to the applicant will be shown in the student's login. Applicant should check the same and do as follows -

If the first preference is allotted :

Applicants to whom Junior College of first preference is allotted; he/she must confirm admission within the stipulated time as per time-table in that Junior College with all relevant documents in original with photocopies & on payment of full fees.

Names of such students who are allotted college of his/her first preference and admission not taken will be restricted/blocked for remaining rounds (for selected stream) but these students can participate in the special round or further rounds.

If the Junior College of 2nd to 10th preference allotted :