Board Exams

Board Exams

English paper : Facing the Examination without stress

PUBLISH DATE 20th February 2019

Facing the Examination without stress

Maharashtra Board HSC Feb. 2019 Exam

              All the students who are about to give the H.S.C Board examination already known the pattern   of the “Activity Sheet “of English.

What is most important at the time of examination is the “Time Management”. Many students always complain that the time is not enough. They cannot complete the writing of English answer paper in time.

             So first they should decide about the time they are going to spend for each “activity”. It is obvious that they should keep more time for the activities based on various writing skills.

           In the activities (questions) 1, 2, and 3(A) there will be contextual grammar questions and in Q1(B), there will be non-textual grammar questions. Here one should give more emphasis on “direct-Indirect “Speech. For grammatical activities students need to practice at home before going to the examination.

While doing the Note-making activity rough work is necessary. You can draw a rough diagram or Table first on the last page with pencil and when you are satisfied with it, you can draw the fair one.

You have to write the summary of the unseen passage. Summary should be one third of the original passage and should not be very long. Do not forget to give suitable title.

In poetry section prepare yourself for the activity based on the ‘poetic creation’ For one of these you have to just find the rhyming word and then create a meaningful line with it. Write down in a notebook the title of every poem, then the list of the figures of speech in it and one example of each figure of speech.

For the creative activity based on Rapid Reading Section think about different ending of every story at home, so that your time will be saved at the time of examination. To change the dialogues in to a story, make use of indirect speech.

                   Now there will be the most important part of the paper. The activities based on ‘written communication’. For these activities like letter writing, leaflet writing, Report writing, preparation of News, Appeal writing follow the formats carefully. Remember the steps of every kind of writing skill.

                   The last question is a compulsory question without any choice. You have to prepare 10/12 interview questions and also prepare a speech. You can prepare them at home. Prepare the questions about the person’s important work, the obstacles and difficulties faced by him/her, that person’s inspiration and future plans. One introductory line in the beginning and one concluding line in the end should be written.

One instruction should be remembered, that is, not to change the sequence of the activities. Keep the order the same. Leave some space empty if you want to write that answer later.

Keep the last 10 minutes for reading your own answer paper and making corrections if necessary.

The Writer Mrs. Manasi Ranjekar is Vice Principal of Abasaheb Garware Junior College.

She has been a teacher of English since 1983. She was appointed as a member of The Board of Studies in 2003 and was involved in the preparation of the textbooks of 9th,10th,11th,12th (Egnlish & Marathi Medium) standard. She has worked as a resource person for various teacher training programs. She has given several lectures on the changed question paper pattern of English.

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