11th Admissions 2020-21

11th Admissions 2020-21


PUBLISH DATE 15th June 2017

Delhi University’s St Stephen’s College announced on Wednesday the marks students need to qualify for its undergraduate courses, declaring cut-offs that were similar to or lower than last year’s levels in all courses except Economic (honours).

St Stephen’s is one of DU’s marquee colleges and sources said from the college said the institution consciously kept lower cut-offs to give a chance to more students to appear for the interview. The dip in this year’s cut-off ranges from 0.25-10 percentage points.

The highest cut-off was for the English (hons) and Economics (hons) courses at 98.5%.

The cut-off for English (hons) this year is 0.5 percentage points down from last year’s 99% but for Economics (hons) it is 0.3 percentage points up from last year’s 98.2%. These cut-offs are for students from the commerce stream.

The college releases different cut-offs for different streams.

For English (hons), students from humanities subjects need 97.25 %, a dip of 0.25% from last year’s 97.5%. It is available at 98% for science students, the same as last year.

For Economics (hons), students from humanities and science streams need 97.5%.

The highest dip of 10 percentage points was in Sanskrit (hons) with the subject available at 70% for students from all streams. Last year, it was available at 80% for commerce stream students, at 70% for humanities and at 75% for science background students.

“We don’t have a problem of over-admission even if the cut-off is a little lower than last year’s. There is an aptitude test and an interview for elimination but right now, this will allow more students to be eligible for the interview and increase the talent pool we will be selecting from,” an official from the college said.

There is a dip in all science courses expect Chemistry (hons), which has the same cut-off as last year - 96.33 %.

The college received 24,168 applications for the 410 seats it offers in eleven courses. The list of candidates selected for aptitude test and interview will be announced on Thursday. The interview will begin on June 17.

The college, which reserves 50% seats for Christians, conducts an aptitude test and an interview for applicants who meet the cut-off.

Applicants are given 85% weightage for Class 12 marks, 5% for aptitude test and 10% for the interview.