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DU admission 2018: Applicants won’t be allowed to change info in submitted forms

PUBLISH DATE 21st May 2018

Delhi University (DU) officials warned that applicants to undergraduate programmes need to be careful while filling out online forms as once the applications are submitted and paid for, they will not be allowed to change information. Officials said this was among the three common areas of confusion among DU applicants.

“Unfortunately once you have paid the application fee and submitted your form, you are not allowed to change anything. This is already specified on the application page,” said Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, the deputy dean of students’ welfare.

Tuteja said that of the 1,150 emails received on the DU’s admission helpline, the most common query has been from applicants who had completed their form, paid the application fee and then realised that they have made some mistake. He added that students should be very careful while filling out their forms and must double check information before submitting the form.

Another official said students should put in a query and wait for a response. “We do not want to encourage duplicate applications so this will be decided on a case-by-case basis,” the official said.


Tuteja said that another common query was from students who could not scan their Class 10 marksheet onto a single page, and found it too big.

“Students can just scan and upload the part where the personal details and the date of birth are visible. The lower end, if missing, is also fine,” he said.


The other question has been from applicants who are not sure whether they qualify for reserved category seats.

“This especially true for students applying for seats reserved for armed forces (CW). The exact details of qualifications have been given in the information bulletin. There are nine different categories this year, and they have been listed as per the priority,” said Tuteja.

Tuteja said that students, who apply to reserved seats, including the ones for Sports and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA), also ask if they can take a general category seat if they make the cut-off. Such students are advised to take the seat, and wait for the results of the Sports, ECA and CW allotments, and then shift if they want to.

Tuteja said officials have been fielding questions from students via email. Applicants have been reaching out via email, du.ug.help2018@gmail.com.

Officials have been personally responding to the 1,150 emails received so far. As of 3pm on Sunday, officials said they have responded to all emails they had received.


Meanwhile, DU will start a series of ‘Open Days’ starting Monday, which will provide applicants an opportunity to interact with university officials about the application and admission procedure.

The event will be held from Monday until May 29, except on the intervening Sunday, and will take place at the Conference Centre of the DU North Campus, in two separate sessions. The first session will be from 10am to 11.30am; and the second one from noon to 1.30pm.

Every year, during the events, officials have a presentation on the admission procedure and also take questions from candidates.

“This time, we have invited students applying to entrance-based undergraduate programmes as well. We will have experts on this to answer their questions too,” said Tuteja.