DTE Maharashtra announces changes in MHT CET 2018 Pattern

PUBLISH DATE 6th October 2017

DTE Maharashtra announces changes in MHT CET 2018 Pattern, Weightage and Syllabus

MHT CET 2018 has to now brace themselves for a set of key changes which has been incorporated to the exam. Among the changes that have been announced by DTE Maharashtra include changes to the exam pattern, weightage and syllabus. Importantly, the exam conducting body announced that the difficulty level of MHT CET 2018 will be at par with JEE (Main); it can be deduced that the change in the syllabus of MHT CET was a move to achieve that objective. The MHT CET 2018 syllabus will be same as the syllabus of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education. The key highlights as well as full details of the changes to MHT CET 2018 exam patern, weightage and syllabus are discussed below.

Quick Snapshot: What is new in MHT CET 2018

  • The difficulty level of MHT CET 2018 will be equivalent to JEE Main
  • The syllabus of MHT CET 2018 will be based on Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Education
  • Around 20% weigtage will be given to Class XI curriculum while Class XII curriculum will carry remaining 80% weightage

MHT CET 2018 Syllabus and Weightage

DTE Maharashtra, which is the exam conducting authority, has made changes to all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, included in the MHT CET syllabus 2018. As per the new guidelines:

  • Questions weighing up to 80% weightage from Physics, Chemsitry and Mathematics will be based on Class XII curricullum
  • Remaining questions, weighing up to 20%, will be from Class XI standard. The syllabus of Standard XI has been released by DTE Maharashtra. 

MHT CET Exam Pattern 2018

The following changes have been incorporated to the MHT CET 2018 exam pattern:

  • The three subjects each will have the same number of questions, i.e., 50 questions as earlier. However, no questions have been segregated in Standard XI and Standard XII
  • Each paper will carry 10 questions from Standard XI, while 40 questions will be asked from Standard XII.
  • The question paper will mainly comprise application-based questions. 

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