Higher Education

Higher Education

DIAT starts MSc course in food technology

PUBLISH DATE 3rd August 2017

The Defence Institute of Advanced Technology has started an MSc course in food technology for military officers and members of the public. The objective of the course is to provide scientific knowledge to officers so that they can maintain the quality of the food being supplied to Indian troops.

The DIAT, a deemed university, is controlled by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Vice-chancellor S Pal of DIAT said, “Currently , eight students, including officers from the Indian Army and Navy have enrolled for the course. Some private food industries based in Kerala and Bangalore had approached us to induct their representatives in the course. They will join in the second week of August.“ The course will be conducted by the institute's applied chemistry department in association with Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore.

Pal said, “The theory part will be covered in 12 subjects over two semesters, while the practicals will be conducted at DFRL, Mysore.“ So far, the DFRL had been conducting postgraduate diploma courses in food analysis and quality assurance in collaboration with the University of Mysore.