Cut-offs may fall in 2nd CET merit list

PUBLISH DATE 21st June 2017

The provisional merit list of Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH-CET) was announced on Tuesday and experts have said lesser cut-offs in the first round and a drastic cut in the second round as compared to the last year is on the anvil.

“The cut-offs for this year are expected to be 8-10 marks lesser than the previous year.Also, many top students do not take admission through CET scores as they qualify in JEE Main Advanced. Hence, with lesser scores students can expect admission in better colleges,“ Vaibhav Bakliwal of Bakliwal Tutorials said.

Harish Butle, founder secre tary of District Entrance Exam Performance Enhancement and Research, said with less number of students and more seats, even students with lesser marks will get into better colleges as compared to the last year.

“This year, the cut-offs will be less for sure. The outlook towards fields like IT and computer science is changing due to recession and news of lay-offs in these sectors. Moreover, there are only 2,889 students above 150 marks this year which is less than the last year whereas the seats are the same if we consider the renowned colleges. So, the number of seats is actually more than the eligible candidates,“ Butle said.

Durgesh Mangeshkar from IITians Prashikshan Kendra said, “The current mert list con tains all students and a good section has qualified for NIT, IIT, BITS etc. Now, the admission list of these institutes will be out in the first week of July .Once these students are out of the state list, we will get a clear picture of cut-offs and there will only be a marginal decrease in the cut-off marks in the first list, there will be a drastic decrease in the cut-off marks of all major institutes and branches in the second list.“

Mangeshkar said students from the state had fared badly this year as compared to last year, but the number of students who qualified for IITs and others is almost the same as last year.

Hence, the average score will come down by the second and third list in proportion to the second and third list of the IITs and NITs. Moreover, the in crease in the number of IISERs, IITs, NITs have increased the number of seats up for grabs in these colleges further decreasing the admissions to state colleges.

Career counsellor Kedar Takalkar said, “Cut-offs will come down this year for engineering. If we consider the state merit list, there are 2,500 students less in the above 100 category compared to the last year.So, in the top colleges and top branches, there will be students with lesser marks. In top colleges, in the mechanical department, there will be a reduction of 2-5 marks while in CSIT branches, either the marks will remain the same or increase by five because every student will apply . But in the second list, the marks will come down as many students would have gone for other central colleges.“