CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exams 2018: Teachers share tips

PUBLISH DATE 16th February 2018

CBSE Class 10, 12 Board Exams 2018: Teachers share tips to relieve exam stress and importance of timetable

 Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE board examinations 2018 are just few days away. The stress perhaps is a tad more for the Class 10 students than class 12 students who would be appearing for the full board examinations after a gap of 9 years. With a full syllabus, the teachers across the country report the anxious parents and students as they try to understand the boards. To help the many, teachers have shared tips on how to revise for the CBSE class 10 board examination in a month.

Reinstating the importance of a disciplines timetable, teachers feel that the most important thing to do is to keep stress at bay. It is important to treat board examinations as any other examination. Also, the emphasis should be on revising all the subjects rather than focussing on anyone. Here are the top 5 tips teachers believe would help the students in their board examination prep. 

Allot one subject to a day

Teachers believe it is best to focus on completely revising the entire syllabus of one subject instead of allotting hours of study to each subject every day. The trick is to pick the subject that is last at the beginning. For instance, say the French or Sanskrit paper is the last paper in the CBSE Class 10 Board examinations, then students should start with this subject and go in reverse order, taking as many days as it may require being completely thorough with the revision. In that case, teachers say, a student is able to reach the revision of the paper which is immediately upon them by the end of the month.

Teachers also feel that avoiding a few hours every day for each subject can be confusing and increase the stress levels. Though all the subjects have a full syllabus, usually the hours of study required to revise the languages is less as compared to the other theory subjects like Social Studies or Science. Hence, once a complete subject is revised, the student feels confident and is able to focus on the other subjects without worrying about all the subjects at the same go. 

Sample papers are a must

Teachers reinforce the importance of solving sample papers as they go ahead with the revision plan. A teacher suggests that a student should complete at least three to five sample question papers in each subject's revision cycle. Students should set aside three hours for one sample paper. It is not important to practice a sample paper only once the revision is complete. Sample papers would be a good way to identify the chapters or portions that a student needs to put more effort into. They also help the student understand the type of questions and also helps them increase their speed.

Break the rule for Mathematics

Teachers feel that while the above law continues to hold good for all other subjects, the rule needs to be broken for mathematics. It is important to practice mathematics every day. Students should set aside an hour or two every day to practice questions in mathematics. The more questions a student does, the more confident he or she would fee, says a teacher. Teachers suggest mathematics can also be taken as a break from the other subjects.

Early to bed and early to rise is the way to go!

Teachers strongly advise against burning the midnight oil. They believe it is essential for students to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep and extremely crucial to get the deep sleep of midnight to three. The best time for students to study is during the early hours of the day as much is covered. A fresh brain retains better and students do not feel sleepy. Instead of studying till late, practice sleeping on time and getting up early to study, recommends students.

Recreation is as important as study hours

Exam time stress is not a myth and teachers cannot emphasize enough on the importance of leaving the study room and stepping out of the house for mild exercise. Take a walk after meals, play an outdoor sport or go for occasional outings with family. It is important to keep the body healthy and mind active and mild exercising is necessary. Walking also helps the students relieve the stress and relaxes the muscles.

These are not mantras but tips, stress teachers and agree that every student would have their own timetables and revision plans. These are just simple tips that would help students retain more and study minus the stress associated with the examination. As per reports, about 18 lakh students would be appearing for the CBSE Class 10 Board Examination this year. Try to enjoy the moment, suggests a retired teacher with thirty years of experience – examinations are stressful but they can be fun too. Try and enjoy the experience as it would be a once in a lifetime for you.

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