MBA Admissions 2020-21

MBA Admissions 2020-21

CAT 2017: Last day tips to boost your confidence

PUBLISH DATE 25th November 2017

CAT 2017: These last minutes tips and tricks will help you score well in CAT 2017. Visit the link provided by IIMs for the demo CAT test and also go through the official test guide.


The Common Admission Test (CAT) 2017 will be conducted by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow on November 26 this year. The exam will be held for 180 minutes and will be divided into three sections including— verbal ability and reading comprehension, data interpretation and logical reason and quantitative ability.

The entrance exam is conducted annually to select candidates to seats in various programmes at IIMs and business schools across the country. It is a tough exam to crack and is even more difficult to secure high marks. However, candidates who have managed to top the exams have stated that doing well in the exam is quite possible.

Here are some last minute preparation tips by CAT toppers to held you crack the paper:

With just ONE days left for CAT 2017, candidates must be doing last minute revisions. The question on most MBA aspirants’ minds, especially those giving the exam for the first time, “What should I do between now and the CAT to be able to crack the exam? Each section has a time limit of 60 minutes. Therefore do not devote excessive time to any particular section.

Right up there on the to-do list is to check your familiarity with the online test format. If the student has not given enough mock tests and is not well versed in the aspects of CBT, they should immediately focus on familiarising themselves to the CBT format. Visit the link provided by IIMs for the demo CAT test and also go through the official test guide.

Attempting mock test that is similar to the real one will help students boost confidence levels. The student should be aware of the testing pattern and should experience the same. They should develop the strategies for tackling the real CAT exam. 
The key to crack CAT is to identify the easy/medium questions and solve them. The aspirant should analyse the mistakes committed and categorise them whether it’s a conceptual, silly or a calculation mistake. After analysing, they should rectify it. A thorough analysis of the mocks taken so far will yield far better dividends.

At this moment, it is best to keep revising one material repeatedly than switching between three-four books.
At last, maintain a cool head during the CAT 2017 and don’t panic as it will only result in a blank mind and wastage of time.


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1. Important topics/subjects

With CAT 2017 right around the corner, candidates should by now have covered all important topics for the exam at least once. Keeping one’s strengths and weaknesses in mind, candidates must work on topics which they find difficult.

“I made sure on a daily basis to study for two-three hours and on Friday (weekend in Algeria), six-eight hours. I utilised even the travel time to office for some meaningful activity like revising formulae,” Prateek Bajpai, CAT 2016 topper.

2. Mock tests and analysis

This is one of the most important strategy that every CAT topper stressed on. Many of them solely relied on regular practice with mock tests and spent the remainder of their week on analysing the papers. This not only helps candidates to figure out which sections require more concentration, it also gives them a brief idea of how to handle the time during the exam. With practice, candidates will not waste too much time on one question or miss out on others.

“I took 86 mock tests for preparation and trusted almost 90 per cent on the analysis,” says Avidipto Chakraborty, a former BITS Pilani student who scored a perfect 100 percentile in CAT 2016.

3. Stick with one book

When it comes to preparation without prescribed books, candidates tend to panic and rely on too many sources for information and verification. Different books have different methodologies and can result in confusion. For this reason, toppers have advised that it is necessary to stick to one or limited sources.

” Students usually try to switch to a different book once they’re done with one. Sticking to the same book will help you a lot more as it gives you “depth”. Revising one material repeatedly will help you more than switching between three-four books,” says Rahul Sharma, a teacher in a private coaching institute who scored 100 percentile in CAT 2016.

4. Notes

Notes are the most important item for anyone who is preparing for an examination. Candidates appearing for CAT 2017 should have a notebook or two filled with vital information and important topics that they have covered during preparation. This is essential especially during the last few days before the exam when there is no time to rely on books. The last day should be spent brushing through collected through mock test analysis and studying.

“Do not just study for the exam. Practice. Practicing helps you and will give you the confidence to solve questions. Focus on weak areas and improve them. This will help you go a long way,” says IIT Delhi graduate Akshay Mehndritta, who scored 100 percentile in CAT 2016.

5. Confidence

Maintaining a cool head during the paper is crucial for a good performance. Letting panic and anxiety take over will only result in a blank mind and wastage of time. For the three hours that candidates appear for the exam, it is important to take on the moment as an experience that will help them in the long run, despite the eventual result.