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Bonus marks for 1.6K MU students whose papers are misplaced

PUBLISH DATE 30th September 2017

MUMBAI: The University of Mumbai (MU) has decided to allot bonus marks to 1,600 students to compensate them for answer papers misplaced by the examination department.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the Bard of Examination (BoE) on Thursday. The board has also decided to continue with MeritTrac, the current IT partner for on-screen marking (OSM) - the new assessment system is one of the causes of the mess in the examination department, for the upcoming semester examination, as the contract with the company was for a period of one year.

It was being speculated that, for the missing answer papers, the university may give students marks equal to the average scored in the other subjects. A BoE member, however, said that the norms for scoring such papers will now be finalised on Tuesday.

The university is unable to track the missing papers ostensibly because they have been uploaded in a wrong ‘basket’ of papers. These ‘misplaced’ papers remain the last hitch in the way for the university struggling to declare results after switching to an on-screen assessment process in place of the traditional pen-and-paper evaluation. Most of the misplaced papers are from the commerce

Despite the numerous hiccups faced during its first attempt at implementing the OSM system, MU has decided to continue with it for the next semester examination. However, the varsity said that it will make necessary changes in the software to avoid the goof-ups of the previous exam.