Board Exams

Board Exams

Board exams 2019: The importance of discipline in your life

PUBLISH DATE 26th February 2019

Successful people swear by discipline. Develop this habit today to do well in board exams, and tomorrow it will help you in other milestones in your life too.

During board exams, students have to do multiple things. One has to squeeze in reading, practising, to going through sample papers on a daily basis. In such times when time is of essence, discipline plays a very important role. This will help you not only be thorough with your syllabus but also leave time for revision, practising most important questions. Moreover, this good habit will leave you in that positive state of mind that is necessary to do well in board exams.

Even though your short term goal is to score high in or perhaps if you are in the final schooling year then, inculcating this good habit today will help you in the long run also.

Three things are essential to be discipline — time management, concentration, orderliness. Now when you inculcate these, you automatically become more efficient. Efficiency too plays a key role in studies.

When a student decides to be disciplined and works towards it, he/she gradually builds a peaceful environment to be in. This ensures that the decisions and actions of one are premeditated, consistent, certain. Driving chaos out of life leads to better chances of sticking to the path towards your goal.

In order to cultivate this habit, a student has to take several decisions, like how to make a timetable, how to accommodate various activities in given time, how to say no (to various things that stray you from the plan), and so on. Thus decision making is one habit that gets developed in the process.

The student also has to stick to the plan once it is in place. Now, this process is seemingly toughest. It is always a race between you and the clock. But as long as you do not give up in the initial stages, you can master this soon enough. Your body and mind eventually adjust to sticking to the schedule. Gradually, you can even start waking up without an alarm clock.

Especially when it comes to waking up, because you can only stick to the routine when you wake up on time, a few points are noteworthy: Go to sleep at the same time every day. Set your alarm for the same time every day. Wake up with the first alarm. Take naps of no longer than 30 minutes. Avoid caffeine before sleep. Eat a healthy diet.

If you master your sleeping schedule and time management, then the next thing to do is tackling temptations. Now temptation does not mean watching a movie or indulging in a hobby. By all means, do partake in such activities that give you pleasure beyond learning. But temptations mean either doing them in excess, or beside the time allocated to them as per your timetable, or doing things that have no time boundaries.

For example, if you have your mobile phone with you at all times, and you keep reading messages, social media updates, you may feel it is taking up only 5-10 minutes of your time. But the bigger damage it does is hampering your understanding, memory retention. So even though you studied for 45 minutes hour with 5 minutes of distraction, you retained less than what you would have done with 40 minutes of studies. So saying no to distractions/temptations is a habit you have to be build to be disciplined.

Discipline and punctuality make you confident. Eventually, confidence is a key factor in doing well in board exams.

And while we are discussing here the importance of discipline with you in relation to board exams, you may realize it only later, but having a consistently disciplined schedule has benefits even later on in life. A person who has stayed that way for long knows how it helps them work better, and succeed in small and big things equally well. This prolongs their stretch of being so and in turn, keeps reaping rewards along the way.


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