B.Tech Admissions 2019

PUBLISH DATE 19th January 2019

Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) is one of the most sought after course for the class 12th Science students. After the board examination students take counseling sessions wondering which B.Tech branch would be apt for them. This decision is tricky both for the students and their parents. At times the parents help the students, in making a choice, after looking at the market trends instead of doing the industry research.

There are numerous B.Tech branches including - Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Marine Engineering, Biotech Engineering, Engineering Physics, Textile Engineering etc. which offers a very good scope.

If you are also planning to take up B.Tech after 12th, but are in a dilemma which course to opt for then consider the tips below that might help you to make the right choice.

Tips to choose the right Engineering Branch:

Follow your Interest

From the tons of Engineering branches, it is difficult to choose the best one from it. Every branch of Engineering has a good scope provided that you have an interest in that field. To grab a good job opportunity after Engineering you should have excellent academic record and skills in the particular branch that you pursue. Choose the branch where your deep interest and passion lies.

Choose the right Engineering B-School/University/Institute

Make the choice for your Engineering College/University/Institute wisely. Your choice should be based on the electives they offer in each course, the course structure, the infrastructure and the fee of the course. Also, take into account the Internships and the Placements offered as it plays a vital role in fetching a good job after completing Engineering. Browse through the College website and the course details that might help you in making the right decision.

Choose Specialisation wisely

You will have an opportunity to specialise if you pursue B.Tech. If you have a clear approach towards your Engineering specialisation, you will get better results. For instance, if you have an interest in Mathematics and Science(Physics) and want to work in technology then B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering should be your choice. Similarly, if you are interested in circuits, gadgets, logic design then you should go for B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering.

Understand the Job profile after Graduation

It is very important to understand the job responsibility to be aware if the field of work is suited for you or not. Possibilities are there that you expected something which turned out to be something else once you take up the job. Try to understand your role in the industry and what your profession demands for.

Upcoming Entrance Exams Details  2019-20




Exam date: 02 Sept 2018

Last date of Application: 24 Aug, 2018,


Exam date: 02nd Feb 2019

Last date of Application: 21st Sept 2018


Exam date: 4 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 14 Sept 2018


Exam date:18 Nov 2018

Last date of Application: 3 Sept 2018


Exam date:16 Dec 2018

Last date of Application:1 Aug 2018



Exam date:6 Jane 2019

Last date of Application: 30 Nov 2018



Exam date:6 Jan 2018

Last date of Application:30 Sept 2018