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Higher Education

50% of MU pupils joining elsewhere yet to get marks

PUBLISH DATE 13th August 2017

Only about 50% of the students who have sought confidential marksheets from Mumbai University have received it so far. The remaining of the 450 odd students who have applied are still awaiting relief. Following delay in the announcement of results and the university missing the deadline of July 31, the administration decided to set up a help-desk to assist students, whose secured admissions at universities in India and abroad are on hold. Sources from the university blamed it on papers stuck in different folders and the university finding it difficult to retrieve them.

A majority of these students are from commerce and engineering courses seeking admission in management courses abroad. An engineering student who got admission in a management institute in the Netherlands is awaiting her results. “While institutes in European countries are considerate and accommodating, some in the US, who have a long wait list, do not wait for any student to submit all the documents.These students are likely to lose out on a year or a semester,“ said an official.

The university is officially giving away letters signed by the head of Department of Students' Welfare informing the institutesuniversities concerned about the delay in the announcement of the results. While a source mentioned that till Wednesday the confidential marksheets of only about 110 of the 390 students who had applied for it were sent to their respective universities, the university's official figures till Friday put it at close to 250 out of 450.

In cases of delays, MU usually pulls out papers of these students and evaluates them on priority and sends their marks to the universities where they have applied. With papers creeping into wrong folders, the university is unable to pull out the answersheets of these students.

An official said papers of students were stacked up in different folders according to their question paper (QP) codes. “There are over 3,500 such QP codes and therefore over 3,500 folders. The problem is that several papers got mixed up and have gone into folders with wrong QP codes. We don't know at what stage these slip-ups have occurred. This was the primary reason why teachers were getting wrong papers during assessment,“ said the official.

Several students, who have got their results, are disappointed with their results.“Some of the students who have been doing well academically and have remained our toppers have scored poorly in this exam, raising a doubt on the quality of assessment,“ said a principal.

Just when we thought things couldn't get worse, they have. Several students who have got admission to courses abroad may have to suffer because their papers have all been mixed up and the marksheets cannot be sent to them as priority. Till now the university had put students on the edge; now it could well wreak havoc with individual careers.