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Higher Education

4 lecture-free days for all MU students this week

PUBLISH DATE 24th July 2017

With just a week to go for the governor's July-31 deadline to declare results, Mumbai University has decided to extend the non-instructional days up to July 27 for all departments and affiliated colleges, not just the commerce and arts faculties. While teachers have been asked to dedicate at least six hours for valuation and moderation work, colleges are requested to keep assessment centres open from 7 am to 8 pm and even beyond that, if required.

Despite the circular announcing the four non-instructional days starting from Monday being circulated among teachers and students, some colleges plan to hold few lectures of teachers who are not part of the assessment process at all.However, all principals have asked their teachers to give priority to assessment work in the next few days to announce results at the earliest.

“Most teachers for first-year students are not involved in assessment. The first-year classes also commenced late, so we will continue to hold lectures for them,“ said a principal. Some colleges are working out a separate schedule so that students are not forced to come to college for one or two lectures. While a few colleges are able to communicate their plan for the next four days with students, many students are likely to land in college due to the confusion. Madhu Nair, principal of Nirmala Memorial Foundation College, Kandivli, said that since students will be coming from far, the college will hold at least three lectures on Monday . Principal of Jai Hind College, Ashok Wadia, said that some teachers who are not part of the assessment process or the ones who have completed their work can take combined lectures by clubbing classes. “We've asked teachers to go to assessment centres to see if any work is pending before deciding on taking lectures,“ said Wadia.

Registrar of the university, MA Khan, said that teachers who are not involved in the process or those whose assessment work is done can take lectures on these four days.“Teachers teaching third-year subjects but their valuation work is completed, are also free to take classes. But there are teachers who are marked for assessment work and still not reporting to centres. Such teachers should report to college or face disciplinary action,“ said Khan.

Even as the university is struggling to get its act together, technical hiccups continue to mar the process. “When exam results should be out within 45 days, some answersheets are still being scanned and uploaded. We hope all four non-instructional days are utilized properly without any glitch,“ said a teacher. “There are instances where the chairperson of the board of studies in few subjects claimed that assessment was over and the next day we see about 200-300 more papers being uploaded.We hope no papers have gone missing.“

Another principal said non-instructional days could impact completion of syllabus as students will get almost aweek off for Ganeshotsav .