11th Admissions 2020-21

11th Admissions 2020-21

39 colleges added to FYJC list, all admissions set to go online

PUBLISH DATE 11th May 2017

New colleges offer vocational and technical courses; principals frown over move

MUMBAI:Students will have more options to choose from in the first year junior college (FYJC) admissions for the academic year 2017-18. Thirty-nine new colleges have been added to the list this year, taking the total number of colleges from last year’s 739 to 778.

All of the procedure will conducted online for students taking admission in Class 11 this year.

The new colleges will offer many streams, from minimum competency vocational courses (MCVC) to technical ones, along with the regular humanities, science, and, commerce subjects. These colleges include the ones that are self-financed.

This means that the number of seats will increase when compared to previous years. While in 2016, the number of seats was 1. 49 lakh and 1.45 lakh in 2015, this year it is expected to cross 2 lakh. Admissions to technical and vocational courses will be done online this year. In the past, applicants for these courses had to go through the admission procedure offline.

Education officials said that this will benefit students as they will be able to apply at the click of a button, instead of following a separate admission procedure. “All class 11 admissions in Maharashtra will be done online, this will save students from running pillar to post for filling forms,” said BB Chavan, deputy director of education, Mumbai region.

However, college principals are sceptical about any differnce that the increased number of seats will make. “In Mumbai, students apply only to selected colleges and mainstream courses. These are popular colleges with attached degrees,” said Vidyadhar Joshi, vice-principal, Vaze Kelkar College, Mulund. He added that new colleges do not find many takers.

The admission process has undergone an overhaul for the upcoming academic session, drawing lessons from last year’s goof-ups, in which students complained that they were not allotted seats according to merit.

From the upcoming admissions, aspirants will be able to apply to fewer colleges – a maximum of 10. This rule has been introduced for the first time this year, as students complained that it was tough to list 35 colleges as per the earlier requirement.

Candidates will be allowed to apply to only one stream, instead of two. But they will be able to change their choices during admissions. Choice of junior colleges will not be restricted to zones or wards anymore. Students can pick a minimum of one and a maximum of 10 colleges in their region.