Top College in Maharashtra

Top College in Maharashtra

Government Polytechnic, Mumbai
Government Polytechnic, Mumbai
Location Mumbai suburban
Type Government-Aided
Code B.ScSo

DTE CODE 3007 & College Status- Government, Autonomous, Non-Minority

Diploma Programmes

Following are the details of sanctioned intake of the institute in various branches.The admissions are carried out through centralize admission process by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra state, Mumbai.

Course Intake:


Sr.No Diploma Programme Shift Intake


1. Civil Engineering Ist 60
IInd 60
2. Computer Engineering Ist 60
IInd (Minority) 60
3. Electrical Engineering Ist 60
4. Electronics Engineering Ist 60
IInd 60
5. Information Technology Ist 60
IInd (Minority) 60
6. Instrumentation Engineering Ist 60
7. Leather Goods And Footwear Technology Ist 15
8. Leather Technology Ist 15
9. Mechanical Engineering Ist 60
IInd 60
Total 750

Government Polytechnic Mumbai, 
49, Kherwadi, A.Y.Jung Marg, 
Bandra (East), Mumbai-400051. 
Ph No:- 9029001925